Honors Geometry on-line at pythagoreans.org :


The on-line resource for this class is found at pythagoreans.org.† This web-site is updated each weekend and contains the following information:


1.†††††† Projected assignments for the following week.

2.†††††† Grading Policy, Late Work Policy and other information regarding the operation of this class.

3.†††††† An open Letter to Parents from this teacher.

4.†††††† Email address to contact this teacher.

††††††††† 5. ††††† Notes and examples from daily lessons.

††††††††† 6.†††††† A link to the Assignment Blog:† http://pythagoreans345.edublogs.org/

7. ††††† Other pertinent information.


NOTE:† In addition, worksheets, quizzes, tests and cumulative reviews are posted on this page.† These assignments are posted well in advance of being assigned.† When the assignments are assigned it is the responsibility of the student to print the assignments, complete them or to complete the assignments at a computer and bring the completed assignments to class when they are due.† If a student does not have access to a computer at home, the student can print the assignments in the schoolís library or Room 03-030 before or after school or the student can obtain the assignments by a variety of other means. Since these assignments are posted well in advance of being assigned, the student has sufficient time to gain access to these assignments.† †If there is a problem, please see Mr. Kenney so a strategy can be developed to ensure success on these assignments.


The parent(s)/guardian(s) is(are) encouraged to use this web-page in order to keep track of their student's progress in this class and are strongly encouraged to pursue correspondence at the earliest possible time to insure their student's success in this class.



I have read and understood the Grading Procedure/Late Work Policy and the information referenced/contained on this page for the H-Geometry class with the teacher Mr. Kenney


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