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Geometry  ·  p3 formerly known as the teacher Mr. Kenney


The Geometry Class Notebook


To assist with and ensure your success in Geometry, you will need to develop a Geometry Class Notebook .  It is the desire of Mr. Kenney that you work hard at this so that this notebook will be a valuable reference for you not only for Term 1 but throughout the school year.  There is a great deal of information in Geometry.  It is not expected of you to memorize all of it but it is expected of you to have it in your organized notebook for quick reference. You will be able to use this notebook on all quizzes and tests, including the mid-year and final exams, therefore it is imperative that you maintain a well-kept, organized, complete notebook.  It is your life-line to success in this class … it is strongly suggested that you take this task seriously!!


The Geometry Class Notebook will consist of the following:


1.     The class notebook will be a three-ring binder for Geometry only.  In this binder the student will place:

a.     Recommended:  The syllabus as the first page.

b.     Recommended:  A section for each chapter separated by well defined “dividers” and all work in that section placed in sequential order.

c.      Recommended:  This handout as the fourth page.

d.     Recommended:  The grading policy as the second page.

e.      Recommended:  The late work policy as the third page.


2.     The student is expected to bring this notebook to every math class.  The student can not leave class to retrieve the notebook from their locker.


3.     The Geometry Class Notebook will not be evaluated for points.