Cold Cinder-Block Walls Chicken
An Ode to Sweets The Mind of a Hurricane
License to Rhyme

Last Day Mayhem Summer by E
Geometry is a Mystery Prison Blues
The Bruins How Could You?
Kool-Aid Kenney Get Me Outta Here
A Radical School Day I'd Rather Be ...
If We Were in the Middle of the Yard, Then I'd Be the House
Best Friend Model Life
The Equation for a Death by Radiation
The Equation of Life Summer by A
The Function of Fashion Oh Brother, That Room!
Weezer Dreamin' A Six Letter Scare

Flip Flop Fiasco How Do I Write This Poem?
The Point At Which I Became Lost in Translation
The Legend of the Who Field of Broken Dreams
The Journey Life of Pi
A Plea for Help The Visit
My Baseball Game Decorations of the Sky
The Day to Remember Simply: My Heather
The Lacrosse King My Evasion Equation
Always Remember Sailing the Sea

A Day in the Life of Me Reflection
The Monster in Room 205 Midpoint of the Season
Formula for Greatness Ode to the Gem: The Perfect Geometry Lesson
Junk Food The Formula of Love
Everlasting Pain Pythagorea
4 X 800 My Shoes Have Gone Missing
Snakes on the Plane How a Stressful Day ...

I Miss You Frozen Treat
Summer Geometry is Heaven
My Circle of Friends A Symphonious Equation
The Cheerleading Theorem The High School Matrix
Mathematical Life On a Roll
Friendships Have Ends Girl in the Tree
Flying Cheer-ometry

Chocolate Fix They Call Me the Math Geek
In Search of Poetry What Are Those Noises Coming From 205?!?!
Day Dream The Forgotten Teacher
The Girl Life's Simple Recipe
Room 205 At It's Best Ode to a Beach Bag
The Unsolvable Equation America's Past Time
The Frustration of Studying

Confused The Forsaken Formula
How to have a "Mathemagical" Thanksgiving In Their Honor
Case of the Ex Snacking Formula

Feelings The Parking Lot
Dreaming of Summer Equation of Dusk
Horrible Hair Cut Last Day
The First Formula Mr. Kenney's Class
My Dazzling Prom Night Waves of the Water
Poet's Problem

Be Careful What you Eat Something New
A Parallel Universe

The Drug of Math My Brain On School