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Geometry  ·  pi3 formerly known as the teacher Mr. Kenney


“One who dares to waste one moment of Geometry has not discovered the true meaning of life.” – Bajula of the Hyborean Age



Procedure Regarding Late Work


In keeping with the theme of this school year regarding student choice and responsibility the strictly enforced policy towards late work is as follows:


1.      Late work will not be accepted.


  1. The definition of work entails the following:


i.                    classwork

ii.                  homework

iii.                take home quizzes

iv.                take home tests


  1. The definition of late entails the following:


i.                    The work is not passed in when collected by the teacher (assignments should be located in a designated place in their notebook where the student can find them quickly).

ii.                  The student continues to work on the assignment when it is collected and wants to hand it in at the end of class.

iii.                The work is not in class for whatever reason (the student can not leave class to retrieve late work).

iv.                If the student is late to class, the student must turn in the collected work immediately – within 5 minutes – otherwise it is late.

v.                  The student is in school and misses class for any reason and does not turn in the work that day.  (The work can be turned in by dropping it off with Mr. Kenney in Room 03-030, directing another student to turn it in during class or placing it in Mr. Kenney's mail-box in the main office.)

vi.                Work due the day the student was absent is due the day the student returns at the beginning of class.

vii.              Any other possible situation that might come about that the teacher in his infinite wisdom and fairness judges to be late.


2.      There is no credit for late work.  All late work receives a zero.


3.      With regards to projects, students shall have 10 percentage points for each day late 

      subtracted from the final grade of their project.


4.  The student has 6 school days to complete and turn in missing work due to absence.  It is the

     student’s responsibility to inquire about work missed at a reasonable time that does not

     affect the progress of class or the teacher’s preparation of the lesson.