Make-up Policy:


1.      The student has one week (five school days) upon return to make up any work missed due to absence from school.

2.      It is the student’s responsibility to inquire about work missed and to make arrangements to complete it. This inquiry should be made at an appropriate time that does not interfere with the progress or the preparation of class by the teacher such as before or after school.  In addition, this inquiry should be made at the earliest possible time upon return to school such as the morning of the day of return.

3.      Work assigned the day of return is expected to be complete for the next class.

4.      After five school days a zero is recorded for all missed work that is not made up.


Notes on Make-up Policy:


1.      Being absent a day or two before a quiz or test is not a valid excuse to miss the quiz or test.

2.      If class is missed because of a school activity, (field trip, etc.) or if the student is in school and is dismissed or misses class for any reason, assignments due that day in class must be turned in that day if credit is desired.  Assignments can be dropped off in Room 205 or left in Mr. Kenney’s mailbox in the main office.  The student will have five school days to make up new work that is assigned that day.

3.      Work due the day of the absence must be turned in on the day of return at the beginning of class.  If you are unsure of the work that should be turned in, see Mr. Kenney before school on the day of return.

4.      If there are “extenuating circumstances”, see Mr. Kenney as soon as possible.