Mathematics at WHS




Wilmington High School will provide a student-centered education that promotes academic, personal, and social growth and achievement for all learners.  Our School, with the support of the community, will ensure a learning environment that includes a challenging, quality standards-based curriculum, varied technological tools, current instructional materials and resources, up-to-date facilities and a safe and respectful environment.




EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATORS who receive, interpret, and convey knowledge and ideas clearly and purposefully in a variety of modes.


INNOVATIVE PROBLEM SOLVERS who use inductive and deductive reasoning to address current and emerging issues, organize and analyze information, and pursue promising solutions with flexibility.


In order to promote academic, personal, and social growth and achievement for all learners, the WHS Mathematics Department has established some fundamental guidelines.  It is the belief of the WHS Mathematics teachers that we will accomplish this mission by providing this guidance and direction to all of our students.  We will also implement a challenging, quality standards-based curriculum in order for our students to meet academic expectations.  The WHS Mathematics teachers believe that these guidelines will enable students to become effective communicators and innovative problem solvers.


Teachers will provide a student-centered learning environment

Teachers will implement fair and consistent policies.

Teachers will be respectful toward students and colleagues

Teachers will be prepared for class.

Teachers will evaluate and assess students on assigned work.

Teachers will provide a policy for make up work.



Students will be engaged in the learning process.

Students will practice honesty and integrity in and out of the classroom.

Students will be respectful toward teachers and classmates.

Students will be prepared for class.

Students will complete all assigned work and meet all deadlines.

Students will take responsibility for all work missed due to an absence from class.