Open Letter to Parents

August 2017

I believe strongly in students taking responsibility for themselves and their actions. They will be treated as young adults and will be expected to act as such. With this in mind, there are certain things as a teacher that I expect them to do:


1.     Arrive to class on time.

2.     Come to class prepared for class. Notebook (their Geometry Reference Resource), text book, writing utensil and a calculator.

3.     When they are absent, inquire about work missed and get that work passed in on time (with regards to the make-up work policy).

4.     Participate in class.

5.     Put in a legitimate effort on the assignments.

6.     Actively apply effective effort.

7.     Seek help in a timely fashion.

8.     Fight the desire to procrastinate.

9.     Continually study the material.

10. Strive to develop and continually improve "Listening Skills".

11. Become aware of their surroundings.

12. Seek out Geometry in their everyday life.

13. Develop a solid foundation of a valued integrity.

Students must take on the onus of being students. A certain amount of work and studying is expected at home and outside of class at school seeking out extra help. Not all questions for all students will be answered to their complete satisfaction in class, it's just not possible. Therefore it will be expected that those students put in "overtime" after school. Each student will be held to these expectations.

Strategies to Help Your Child in Geometry with Mr. Kenney

This web-site can be used as a communication tool between Mr. Kenney and yourself. Use this web-site to track your student's progress throughout the school year. This can be achieved by doing the following:

1.     The syllabus for each chapter is listed under the Syllabus link for each course. Print this syllabus out. Use the syllabus in conjunction with the Assignments link (the projected assignments for each week are posted the weekend before) to see what work is due for the ensuing week. Check with your child to see that he/she is completing the work. Your student can keep track of his/her progress by keeping the syllabus that they receive in class up to date and you can keep track by keeping track with syllabus that you printed at home.

2.     Ask to see your child's notebook. The Project for Term I is a notebook which will become their Geometry Reference Resource. It is basically a portfolio of all the work they do for the course. It should contain all notes, class-work, homework, quizzes and tests. Read about what is expected by clicking on the Project for Term I link under the Misc Info link. Furthermore, there is additional information for the course under the Misc Info link.

3.     Grades are updated daily on Aspen. Your child and you can keep track of his/her progress. If there is a problem, do NOT hesitate to contact Mr. Kenney by email or phone. By taking care of possible problems early, we can guarantee your child's success in Geometry.

4.     Familiarize yourself with the policies regarding "Late-work" and "Make-up Work". Encourage your child to follow these policies as the will be adhered to consistently.

A Final Word

I don't believe in keeping secrets from parents or students. On this web-site and/or in class, it is quite clear what the expectations are for the students. It is quite clear as to what work will be assigned. It is quite clear on how they will be graded. The progress for each student is easily attainable by referring to their notebook for specific grades or by referring to Aspen. As a parent you now have an excellent resource to keep track of your child's progress. You now have an excellent method to communicate with Mr. Kenney. By working together we can ensure your child's success in Geometry.